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Faculty & Staff Information

Please consider adding the following to your CatCourses sites (after adding the relevant topic):

Peer Tutoring Announcement: Student Learning Centers (PLUS Center, STEM Tutoring Hub, and/or University Writing Center) offers peer tutoring in a variety of subjects including _(your course)_, at no charge above your tuition.

How do I Request PLUS Sessions for my Course?

Please contact the Program Coordinator to request sessions for your SSHA course.

How do I Recommend a Peer Lead?

Faculty/Instructors can casually recommend potential Peer Leads by contacting the Coordinator of PLUS, Karen Linam, or by answering a request for potential Peer Leads. However, Faculty/instructors should be willing to endorse potential candidates with a formal letter of recommendation for a PLUS position. We are looking for high caliber students who interact well with others to fill these learning support positions.

Recommendation Letters

The instructor of record should send an electronic letter of recommendation to the Coordinator of PLUS via email.

Through observation or performance, the letter should address the applicant's:

  • Participation in class
  • Attendance
  • Communication
  • Peer interaction
  • Student responsibility
  • Grade
  • Reasons why the student would be a good to great tutor