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Finals Frenzy: Learning with Jose
Finals Frenzy: Learning with Jose
Finals Frenzy: Tutoring with Gabe
Finals Frenzy: Tutoring with Gabe
Finals Frenzy: Psy Group Study with Vivian
Finals Frenzy: Psy Group Study with Vivian



How to make the most of the Learning Session

  • You will benefit the most if you are prepared.
  • You should have read related materials and attempted or completed the problems, homework, or the project.
  • You should focus on what it is you need help with prior to session.

This will save time and allow the Peer Lead to spend time helping you through the learning process rather than trying to figure out what the issue is. Come to the Session with a focused issue or specific questions regarding the course/topic.

Please bring necessary materials:

  • Book
  • Computer
  • Prompts/instructions
  • Syllabus
  • Notes
  • Calculator/other instrument etc

All of this will help you with your work and help the Peer Lead better understand the assignment or issue.




PLUS Center offers learning support for students who take SSHA courses. We encourage students to attend drop-in study sessions for course(s) to increase understanding of the subject matter, develop comfort in discussing concepts, build individual confidence and learning networks.

PLUS Center Group Sessions are available for the following courses in KL 201:

Econ 001 Study Group    MW 1-2pm
Econ 010 Study Group    T 3-4pm
Econ 100 Study Group    TR 4-5pm
Econ Walk-in Session      R 3-4pm
PH 001 Study Group      MW 10-11am
PH 100 Study Group      TR 12-1pm
PH Walk-in Session        F 10-11am
Psy 001 Study Group     TR 1-2pm
Psy 010 Study Group     W 11:30am-12:30pm & 3:30-4:30pm
Psy Walk-in Session       W 2:30-3:30pm
Soc 001 Study Group     M 4-5pm & W 2-3pm
Soc 010 Study Group     MW 3-4pm
Soc Walk-in Session       F 12-1pm
Japanese 001-004--Coming Soon!

    Please Register in advance--weekly study sessions will last the duration of the semester.

    View the PLUS Calendar for days/times. Sessions, typically, start between the second and third week of the semester and will be posted just prior to that.

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