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About Us

About the Program

Peer Led Undergraduate Support (PLUS) Center focuses on critical thinking skills and meeting students where they are. It relies on peers who collaborate to learn and teach each other. It is unencumbered by the traditional power structures that exist in the classroom. As such, peer assisted learning advances the idea of learning communities by providing a less restrictive learning environment, increasing accessibility to knowledge, and modeling learning behaviors and skills that encourage success.

We encourage you to collaborate; we encourage you to learn.


PLUS Center requires its Peer Leads/tutors to complete prescribed trainings which complement their subject knowledge and enhance critical skills. In accordance with this, Peer Leads/tutors regularly attend trainings and continue their work with professional development modules. Peer Leads work hard to meet the training requirements and meet the face-to-face hours with clients/students necessary to reach milestones. To find out more about becoming a Peer Lead, click here.

Peer Leads:

✓ Do support the learning process
✓ Do provide opportunities for personal and academic growth
✓ Do ask questions
✓ Do expect students to participate in the learning
✓ Do encourage independence
✗ Don't provide answers
✗ Don't do homework for students

Peer Led Undergraduate Study (PLUS) Center will provide a portfolio of learning for many courses, primarily for SSHA but also critical thinking skills for the campus, and it is free. We have drop-in study sessions to complement specific courses. Our Peer Leads are trained and will support you through the learning process. Check the PLUS Calendar to see the subjects available.

How to make the most of the Learning Session





Karen Linam, Coordinator
University of California, Merced
Peer Led Undergraduate Study (PLUS) Center
5200 N. Lake Road
Merced, CA 95343
209-228 4342